We are using high – quality galvanized steel or stainless steel which is pre – treated and coated by epoxy powder coating on the surface


Lemari Asam - FURKAN


  • Didesain menggunakan material berbahan Fiber Glass Coating with epoxy resin, Polypropylene, Phenolic Resinm Teflon, Dapat dipilih dan disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan didalam laboratorium, semua bahan merupakan bahan pilihan yang tahan korosif terhadap berbagai macam uap dari berbagai bahan kimia seperti Asam, Basam Organik dan lain lain
  • Lampu penerang  : LED 3x 9 watt
  • Water Faucet / kran air
  • Sink Cup / drip cup berbahaya Polypropylene yang tahan korosif terhadap mayoritas bahan kimia asam, basa, organik dll.


  • Didesain menggunakan material berbahan Electro Galvanised Steel tebal 1,2mm dilapisi dan di lindungi dengan cat Epoxy Modified Polyester Powder Coating yang tahan korosif terhadap bahan dan uap kimia seperti Asam, Basa, Organik dan lain lain
  • Electrical Socket 
  • Water valve
  • SASH terbuat dari tempered glass 6 mm dapat terbuka maksimal 750 mm
Biosafety Cabinet - AMAN

Sistem Berteknologi 

  • Lampu UV untuk mensterilkan area kerja yang dilengkapi dengan saklar otomatis jika jendela dibuka maka lampu UV akan mati
  • SASH sistem geser ke atas (UP LIFT) yang terbuat dari bahan Tempered Glass yang tidak mudah pecah yang di lengkapi indikator posisi kerja aman
  • Pemilihan Filter dengan kualitas terbaik memiliki efisiensi beberapa jenis yaitu,99,99%(standar hepa), 99,999% (U14/ULPA) dan 99,99995% (U15) pada 0,1 – 0.3 mikron berdasarkan standar EN 1882 / EU14
  • DLL
Ductless Fume Hood - DARBA

DARBA merupakan Lemari Asam (Fume Hood) dengan menggunakan sistem ventilasi dan filter sehingga tidak membutuhkan cerobong dan wet scrubber.

Ventilasi danfiltrasi mencegah terjadinya kebakaran, karat dan keracunan akibat dari keluarnya uap/asap kimia kedalam ruangan kerja dan lingkungan.

RAMAH LINGKUNGANUap kimia beracun tidak dilepaskan di luar tetapi tangkap oleh Karbon Aktif filter yang spesifik.

HEMAT BIAYATidak diperlukan pekerjaan bangunan untuk memasang saluran (ducting) gas ke luar dan tidak menggunakan “Wet Scrubber” yang bekerja dengan kapasitas penuh.

FLEKSIBELMudah untuk ditempatkan di mana saja termasuk dilantai atas 

HEMAT ENERGIUdara yang di hisap di sukilasi lagi sehingga pendingin udara ruangan tidak bekerja berat karena tidak ada udara dingin yang dibuang

Laminar Air Flow - LYLA

LYLA adalah laminar airflow yang didesign oleh PT LPI untuk memenuhi kebutuhan akan ruang kerja/alas kerja dengan aliran udara yang bersih dmana dapat digunakan untuk preparsi injectable drugs, tissue culture, IV solution, optics, microelectronic dan masih banyak lagi.


  • Ergonomis dan nyaman
  • Sandaran lengan yang nyaman
  • efisiensi tempat kerja, mudah menjangkau semua sudut
  • Penempatan gantungan untuk pipet atau alat kerja lainnya yang mudah dijangkau
  • Material stainless steel 304 station
  • Tersedia dalam beberapa pilihan dimensi baik tipe vertical mau pun horizontal
  • Akses dinding belakang yang memudahkan dalam penggatian filter (Tipe Horizontal)
    Akses panel depan yang memdahkan dalam penggatian filter(Tipe Vertical)
Chemical Storage - KALIS

KALIS merupakan salah satu produk PT LPI yang berfungsi sebgai lemari penyimpan wadah / botol bahan kimia.sistem kerja menggunakan sistem ventilasi dan filtrasi sehingga tidak memerlukan cerobong asap (ductless).


RAMAH LINGKUNGAN Uap kimia beracun tidak dilepaskan di luar tetapi tangkap oleh Karbon filter yang spesifik.

HEMAT BIAYATidak diperlukan pekerjaan bangunan untuk memasang saluran (ducting) gas ke luar dan tidak menggunakan “Wet Scrubber” yang bekerja dengan kapasitas penuh.

FLEKSIBELMudah untuk ditempatkan dimana saja termasuk dilantai atas 

HEMAT ENERGIUdara yang di hisap di sirkulasi lagi sehingga pendingin udara ruangan tidak bekerja berat karena tidak ada udara dingin yang dibuang

SCP SCIENCE has served the inorganic analytical chemistry market since 1980. We bring to our customers specialized products for atomic spectroscopy. The company has grown substantially in recent years through the development of extensive internal manufacturing capability, acquisition of several companies which have been incorporated into the main company, and expansion of its sales and distribution network around the world. SCP SCIENCE is ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17025 & 17034 accredited.

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MultiVIEW is a fully automated Microwave Digestion System able to digest up-to 12 samples – of any type simultaneously – per rack. Pre-programmed with EPA Methods 3015A, 3051A, and 3052.

  • 12 magnetrons (one for each sample in a rack) provide dedicated microwave energy.  
  • 12 side mounted temperature detectors operate independent of volume and sample type.
  • View each sample profile on a 15″ color touch screen.




For larger lab, increase lab productivity and upgrade to MultiVIEW AutoLOADER

  • 7 racks per Autoloader
  • Connect up to 3 Autoloaders in parallel
  • The user could digest maximum 252 samples /different samples in one cycle


Sample Handler


  • The Sample Handler provides ICP/ICP-MS labs with the capability to perform other tedious liquid handling operations
    specific to your labs’ workflow applications.
  • Ultrasonic Level Sensing performs Normalization to a wide range of volumes based on customer
  • The AccuNORM* executes Normalization with Class A
Analytical Instrument

EasyPREP BOD-200

The BOD-200 provides users with the capability to conduct BOD, cBOD and DO analysis. Analyze cBOD in conjunction with BOD to verify if non-compliant BOD results are due to nitrification and to obtain results more reflective of real effluent quality when under nitrifying conditions.

EasyPREP Soil Analyzer

The EasyPREP Soil Analyzer is a multi-parameter Robotic Soil Analyzer System. The system includes software and hardware to perform pH and electro conductivity measurements in a variety of vessels.

EasyPREP COD-200

The COD-200 offers turbidity detection. In turbid samples, light scattered from solid particles may interfere with the sample’s measured absorbance. In COD analysis, the presence of turbidity can cause deviations of up to 30% from the real sample value. This capability allows the end user to confidently analyze samples knowing that the turbidity level is adequate for COD analysis.

Atomic Absorption

AA Single Element Standards

Popular standards are available for Flame and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption. Each standard includes a detailed Certificate of Analysis and direct traceability to NIST.

Autosampler Tubes

SCP SCIENCE provides a full range of cups or tubes for your autosampler. Our sample cups and tubes are molded either from premium grade polystyrene for clarity, or polypropylene for impact strength and stability to common acids, alkalies, and solvents.

    •  Competitively priced 
    •  An exact match (equivalent) to OEM                products 
    •  100% Satisfaction guaranteed 

Hollow Cathode Lamps

Hollow Cathode Lamps

SCP SCIENCE has a wide selection of non-coded hollow cathode lamps as direct replacements for AAS instruments. Available in the two standard sizes: 2.0” diameter for direct replacement in PerkinElmer®instruments and 1.5” diameter for Varian®, Buck®, Shimadzu®, and other OEMs.
Quartz Cells

Quartz Cells

Looking for the best performance available for your instrument? Matrix Modifiers allow for the optimization of analytical conditions to provide better GFAA instrument response and better detection limits. Ionization buffers will increase the free-electron concentration, helping to stabilize the amount of ionization in your sample. Releasing agents bind up potential interference ions, allowing the analyte ion to be available for analysis. All commonly used products are available in addition to custom formulations.


Flash Point Standards

Flash Point Standards for use in accordance with ASTM D93, ISO 2719 & IP 34. Complete with a detailed Certificate of Analysis.
Contact your local Sales Representative for volume discounts.

FTIR Operational Test Standards

Our FTIR operational test standards is a petroleum oil-based fluid that looks and handles like routinely tested used-oil samples. It is designed for validating FTIR instrument performance in order to ensure repeatability and reproducibility.

PartiSTAN Particle Size Standards

PartiStan particle standards are designed for calibration and verification of automatic particle counters. 
Product History 
In 1999, a new calibration procedure (ISO 11171) for automatic particle counters was introduced, rendering previous procedures (i.e. ISO 4402) obsolete. With the new procedure, primary calibration requires NIST SRM 2806, a suspension of ISO medium test dust (RM 8631) in super clean hydraulic fluid.

CONOSTAN offers a secondary standard for the cost-effective calibration and verification of automatic particle counters. PartiStan secondary standards are compliant with ISO 11171 and directly tracable to NIST SRM 2806.


Chlorine in Oil Standards

The chlorine product line is designed for calibration of XRF, ICP, and analytical techniques. Stocked concentrations are shown in the table below. Other concentrations are available as custom blends.


SCP SCIENCE ICP-AES / MS products include a variety of nebulizers for different applications; replacement torches, spray chambers, and other glass / quartzware; pump tubing; ICP-MS cones; PlasmaPURE high purity acids; and a complete range of ICP-AES / MS Calibration Standards. Replacement products are unconditionally guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications. Many new and innovative products are included, which may enhance signal, lower background, or improve detection limits.

Autosampler Tubes

SCP SCIENCE provides a full range of cups or tubes for your autosampler. Our sample cups and tubes are molded either from premium grade polystyrene for clarity, or polypropylene for impact strength and stability to common acids, alkalies, and solvents.

    •  Competitively priced 
    •  An exact match (equivalent) to OEM products 
    •  100% Satisfaction guaranteed 

Custom ICP Standards

SCP SCIENCE ISO 9001 / ISO 17025 / Guide 34 can prepare custom multi-element calibration standards to exact specifications. Indicate the desired elements and their concentrations, together with the desired matrix, and the company will recommend a mix stability for a minimum of 12 months (reduced shelf life for concentrations less than 1 ppm). A comprehensive Certificate of Analysis accompanies each standard.

XRF Supplies

Presses for pelletizing samples for XRF analysis are complemented by a complete line of XRF supplies. Thin-film window material, sample cells, binding and blending agents, AluCAPs (aluminum pellet cups), and standards for XRF analysis of liquids, solids, and powders are offered.

Fusion Fluxes

·        Eliminate risks associated with crucibles overflowing
o    High bulk density of 1.4 g/cm^3

·         Offer higher analytical accuracy
o    Spherical (<500 um) and vitreous particles are easy to handle

·         Two purity levels are available
o    Ultra Pure 99.999% best choice for ICP-AES/MS Analysis

o    Pure 99.99% most popular in XRF analysis
·Complete with a detailed Certificate of Analysis
o    Lot number and the concentration of analytes determined by ICP-AES

Automatic Press

The Auto and Power Hydraulic Presses are power assisted hydraulic systems that apply up to 25 tons of pressure. Designed for a wide variety of pressing applications including XRF and IR sample preparation. 

  • Microprocessor controlled pressure application and release
  • Multi-sequence programming
  • Large working distance between pressing surfaces
  • Low noise operation

XRF Sample Cups & Cells

Manufactured from high purity polyethylene and packaged in a convenient dispenser box. Single open-ended, double open ended, and accessories are in-stock and ready to ship.

• Wide selection of samples cells
    – Available 32 mm, 40 mm, and 47 mm sizes 
• Other types and styles are available upon request 

XRF Thin Film

Continuous rolls, pre-cut sheets and easy snap sheets are available in different chemical compositions and uniform thickness. Minimum trace levels of impurities ensure reproducible day-to-day results. When selecting a film, resistance to chemical attack, transmission characteristics, and purity must be balanced for optimal results with a specific sample type.

• Available as continuous roll, pre-cut, or easy snap sheets for  your convenience
• Purchase 5 or more rolls of Mylar® or Kapton® film and receive 10% off

Sample Preparation

Sample pretreatment equipment excels in quality, reliability and affordability. Depending on the application, SCP SCIENCEcan provide the proper equipment to satisfy your analytical needs and maximize the precision of your final analytical results.

EasyPREP System

Several manual laboratory procedures may be automated using EasyPREP Sample Handler to increase laboratory productivity levels while lowering the risk of human errors.
Applications for the EasyPREP Sample Handler include:

  • Reagent additions – up to 7 reagents
  • Sample dilutions
  • Sample aliquoting
  • Sample transfers
  • Automated pipetting
  • Normalization (Optional)

Digestion Systems

SCP SCIENCE offers digestion systems for all applications. The NovaWAVE microwave digestion system offers exceptional sample throughput and digestion speed while the DigiPREP graphite Block Digestion Systems offer the convenience of disposable digestion tubes (DigiTUBEs). Our unique DigiPREP HT line of block digestion systems for high temperature digestions are ideal for Kjeldahl (TKN), ROHS and any digestion involving H2SO4 (sulfuric acid). OurDigiPREP CUBE COD digestion system also uses graphite block heating technology to offer fast and uniform digestions for Chemical Oxygen Demand.

COD Instruments

DigiPREP CUBE is a 25 position, vertically integrated, digestion system with a built-in temperature controller, timer, and graphic display. Simple operations can be achieved through keypad selection, by setting the required time and temperature, or by selecting a predefined program.
 Teflon© coated graphite block resists aggressive corrosive attack. 
    – Guaranteed for long life

• Digital Display – showing temperature and time
• Offers 3-predefined programs
    – COD DIN @ 148 °C in 120 minutes
    – Fast COD @ 150 °C in 15 minutes
    – COD EPA @ 150 °C in 120 minutes

Distillation Instruments

Systems Ranging from Manual to Fully Automatic
• Fast steam distillation system
     – 3-5 minutes
• Automatic shutoff
• pH titration (optional)

• Kjeldahl, TKN & Ammonia
• Alcohol in wine & beer
• Phenol & Fluoride

Grinders & Crushers

A variety of sturdy machines are available for processing samples ranging from 50 ml to 1kg,  For more information, contact your local sales representative.

Soft Material Grinder

The SP-3000 Soft Material Grinder is supplied with a metal plate perforated with 1/16″ (approx. 10 mesh) holes. The metal plate can be used as supplied or in conjunction with finer optional screens.
Three adjustable, sharpenable knives
• Easily-removable screens
• Heavy-duty construction
• Maintenance-free design
Easily-removable sealed sample receptacle

Jaw/Roll Crushers

A sturdier machine with a more powerful motor than previous models, the Jaw Crusher SP-5000 is manufactured for customers with heavy workloads. Grinde crushes 5″x7″ (13 cm x 18 cm) samples to -10 mesh in one pass (93%-95%). Complete with one set of smooth or serrated jaws. Improvements included: more powerful motor (5 HP), moving jaw bearings which are 5 to 10 times stronger; moving jaw shaft 1/2″ diameter longer offering twice the load capacity; and pusher and flange bearings which have twice the capacity. 

• Intergrated forced blown air system to reduce bearing temperatures
• Provides a longer life span for system parts
• Applications include:
– Rocks, core samples, cements, ingots, glass and friable materials

Swing Mill Grinders

The SCP SCIENCE SP-2000 Swing Mill Grinder provides fast, efficient, reproducible grinding of wet or dry production samples, minerals, ore, rock, cement, brick, slag, coke, and similar materials. Flexibility in sample volume and type are provided by choosing the appropriate grinding dish for your application. The addition of a triple-head Adapter Plate allows three separate 20 or 50 ml grinding dishes to be used simultaneously.
Digital timer for automatic grinding cycle control

• Capable of sample fineness of -100 to -400 mesh
• Self-adjusting clamp system
• Electrical requirements: 3 Phase, 1 HP motor standard
• (1 Phase motor also available)

All of CRUMA products were designed to protect the laboratory personnel, their work, what’s more, the environment. They are manufactured with the strictest International Standards and in line with the recommendation in the Quality Mangement System EN ISO 9001:2015. More than 40 years experience.

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Ductless Fume Hoods

The ductless Filtration Fume Hoods ideal for eliminating Contaminatig gas and or solid particles/aerosols from the workspace simply and efficiency. Safe, efficient and cost effective, these protect both the user and the environment.


Ductless Fume Hoods Classic Range


Ductless Fume Hoods Eco2


Ductless Fume Hoods Plug&Play

Vented Storage Cupboards

CRUMA 2010 Vented Chemical Storage

CRUMA 2010 cupboards is it possible to store liquid reagents as this eliminates inflammable, corrosive, and toxic fumes through chemical adsorption in a specific activated carbon filter. All of this complies with the requirements and recommendation set out in International Standards, AFNOR NF X15-211 (Class 2), BS 7258, CSAZ 316.5, EN-1822, EV-14.

Powder Weighing

Powder Weighing Cabinets model P1&P2

To ensure the operator is protected during precise powder weighing operation. CRUMA has designed with double HEPA Filter that retains particles od up tom 0.3 microns.

Laminar Flow & PCR Workstation

Vertical Laminar Flow

CRUMA vertical laminar flow manufacture produce a steram of Class ISO 5 sterile air. This air passes through a H14 HEPA Filter at a constant speed , travelling downward through the cabinet in a vertical laminar flow and producinf sterile air, protecting the product from external contamination and possible cross contamination between samples. The cabinet that are equipped minimum efficiency rate of 99.995% for 0.3 um particles in teh upper part of the filter and the extraction rate of 100% as regards the air flow to the outside.

Horizontal Laminar Flow

The air emerges from the H14 HEPA Filter located in front of the operator, moving in a compact, Laminar fashion creating a Class ISO 5, hence sterile, work space, and making sure no contaminating particles are close to the product being hendled.

PCR Cabinet

A timer and three 15W UV tubes have been included to ensure the material placed inside, as well as the entire work surface, is completly sterile, thus preventing any possibles cross-contamination between the DNA and RNA samples that may give rise to false-positives.

Biosafety Cabinet

Biosafety Cabinet Class II A2

Certified by Tuv Nord pursuant to standard EN 12469:2000. Cabinet equipped with UV light as standard and which were develpoed to protect the personel and environment when material from risk groups 1,2, and 3 is being handled and, at the same time, to protect the material in question from external contamination.

Biosafety Cabinet Class III

WHO has classified Ebola as a risk group 4 pathogenic viruses. According to the WHO, a risk group 4 pathogen must be handled at containment level 4. using protective clothing and working with a Class III Microbiological Safety Cabinet.

Cystostatic Biosafety Cabinet

Class II A convertible in B3, have been especially designed for the preparation of cytostatic medicine, as well as for handling biological agents included in risk groups 1,2, and 3.

CO2 Incubator

CRUMA Incubator

CO2 incubator maintains an accurate CO2 gas percentage, uniform temperature and consistently hogh level of humidity providing a stable culturing environment, even for most critical applications like IVF and Hybridoma cultures.

RephiLe, Revolution in Filtration. That is the meaning of our name, and that is the goal we strive for. RephiLe Bioscience Ltd designs and manufactures innovative and high quality purification based products for biotechnology and life science laboratories. Our offering includes pure water systems and consumables, and other filtration and purification based products. Our goal is to provide our customers with a dependable tool that ensures the quality of their research or test outcomes at an economical cost.

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Water System

Super Genie Series

Quiet with a small footprint, Super-Genie systems are suitable for those who need pure water in high quality and large quantity, designed for a single lab facility or several labs with production up to 7000 L daily. Super-Genie is the most integrated centralized and fully-featured water system in the industry, meeting variable requirements from low to high volume water usage. Quality of product water meets or exceeds standards as defned by ASTM, CAP, CLSI, ISO 3696/BS 3997, European and U.S. Pharmacopoeia.

Direct-Pure Genie Ultrapure & EDI Lab Water Systems

This integrated water system combines optimized sequence of water purification, delivery and monitoring technologies without compromising product water quality in a compact unit. It offers desired solutions for research professionals who work with varieties of applications utilizing Type I ultrapure and Type II pure water in the lab. The system is manufactured in an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified manufacturing site and CE marked. EDI water (Type II ) production flow rate 5, 10, 15 L/hr. Ultrapure water (Type I ) production flow rate Up to 2.0 L/min

PURIST® Ultrapure Lab Water Systems

The PURIST Ultrapure Lab Water System produces ultrapure water from EDI, reverse osmosis (RO), distilled or deionized water. Production water flow rate 1.0 – 1.5 L/min at 25 ℃

Direct-Pure RO Lab Water Systems

The Direct-Pure RO lab water system produces reverse osmosis (RO) water from tap water directly. Production water flow rate 10 to 30 L/h at 25 ℃

Direct-Pure EDI Lab Water Systems

The Direct-Pure EDI lab water system produces Type II water from tap water directly. Resistivity of the product water is above 5 MΩ·cm at 25 ℃, which meets or exceeds Type II water quality as defined by ASTM, CAP, CLSI and ISO 3696 / BS 3997 and also complies with the Purified Water requirements from the European and U.S. Pharmacopoeia.

Direct-Pure UP Ultrapure & RO Lab Water Systems

The Direct-Pure UP Ultrapure & RO Lab Water System is an integrated system that produces ultrapure and reverse osmosis (RO) water from tap water directly. Quality of ultrapure water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type I water standards.

Filtration Product

Non Sterile Syringe Filter-1


Non Sterile Syringe Filter-2

Non Sterile Syringe Filter-3


Sterile Syringe Filter

RephiQuik Max Filters with Glass  Fiber Prefilter

Membrane Filter

With more than 20 years of experiences, the leading lab instrument manufacturer, Major Science, manufacture and design series of lab equipment such as fermentation bioreactor, power supply, digital peristaltic pump and related accessories. Major Science provides laboratory products and quality services to biotechnology companies, academic institutions and government research labs across the world. As a professional lab equipment manufacturer, Major Science is consistently delivering cutting-edge instruments for the bio-industry that cover nearly all of your laboratory needs.

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WINPACT Fermentors

Winpact is one of the top system in the world which completes all of your fermentation system and cell cultivation needs. Whether it’s a lab fermenter/bioreactor or a pilot production scale SIP fermentation system, we have it all available for you. Winpact lab fermentor/bioreactor is specially designed for R&D purposes, with the operation of manual and 15 steps programmable control, it gives you a complete control over your experiment to optimize your production process

Protein Electrophoresis

Maxi Wave Vertical Electrophoresis

The Major Science ‘s vertical gel electrophoresis systems strive to provide a comprehensive range of vertical electrophoresis systems to fulfill a variety of applications and techniques in different gel sizes and sample capacities

Automatic Pipette

MS Pipette

Light weight, Soft spring system for extremely low pipetting forces, Controlled volume setting to prevent accidental volume changes, Easy on site calibration (calibration key included), Fully autoclavable (120°C/0.1MPa/20 min), Main body design for easy operation by right – hand or left – hand, MS pipette has compatibility with a majority of brands of tips on the market.

Gram Precision SL asserts itself today among the leaders in the field of industrial weighing in Spain and occupies an increasingly important place in the European market. A pioneer on the industrial and precision scale market, Gram Precision SL has become one of the most dynamic companies since its introduction on the international market.

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Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance FV series

High precision electromagnetic weighing block, Large-digits LCD display, 3 access doors for an easy access to the weighing chamber, resolution 0.1 mg, Linearity ±0.2 mg. Max capacity 220 gram, Min capacity 120 gram

Precision Balance

Precision Balance

Wind-protected glass chamber for 0,001 g resolution models, Stainless steel pan (115 mm ∅ / 160 mm ∅), Clear and easy-to-read LCD display with backlight. Max capacity up to 30 Kg

Moisture Balance

Moisture Balance RH series

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat.

Industrial Weighing

Industrial Weighing

Max capacity up to 600 Kg, Display LCD / 5 digits 25 mm (height digits), Double tare: Normal and permanent, Flash Memory: Keep the last weighing on screen, GLP-GMP: Function date, hour and ticket number.

SHP Steriltechnik AG is a since several years in the market established very experienced company specialized on steam sterilizers. “Low in price – not cheap” is our motto.
The management has a long personal experience in developing and selling laboratory autoclaves. Our technical staff is recognized for their deep knowledge of sterilisation processes and equipment. The technology of our autoclaves is “state-of-the-art” and optimized in respect of user friendliness and cost saving.
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Laboklav 25

The extremely compact and space-saving tabletop autoclaves in the LABOKLAV 25 series provide you with many options available from a large tabletop unit: Sterilization of liquids in open or slightly closed bottles
also available with an air recooling system Instrument sterilization also with pre-vacuum and drying vacuum
Waste sterilization at 134 °C (thermal inactivation)
Optional exhaust air filtration

Laboklav 55-195

wide range of chamber sizes between 25 l and 195 l, universal installation options as a free-standing or tabletop unit and numerous configurations provide individual solutions meeting your specific requirements. We manufacture our products exclusively in Germany to high and continuously monitored quality standards:Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EU
DIN 58950: Sterilization – Steam sterilizers for pharmaceutical products
DIN 58951: Sterilization – Steam sterilizers for laboratory use

Laboklav ECO

Maximum comfort at a low price, that is what LABOKLAV ECO series autoclaves stand for.
They allow simple laboratory applications such as:
Sterilization of liquids in open or slightly closed bottles, also available with an air recooling system
Instrument sterilization Waste sterilization at 134 °C (thermal inactivation) Optional exhaust air filtration

Laboklav Waste Water 135

The Laboklav Wastewater 135 was designed specifically for this application. Up to 100 l of liquid media are poured directly into the chamber and sterilized within approx. 4 h. Once filled with solely liquid media, the chamber lid is closed by a motor. The liquid is heated up to the sterilization temperature and maintained at that temperature over a defined period of time